Frequently Asked Questions

what is a vcio?

Today’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) is part of the Executive Team with traditional over-site of IT operations and the responsibility to effectively develop a business framework for leveraging technology to accomplish organizational objectives. A CIO is expected to provide both Leadership for the future adventures and Management for today’s operations.

As lines between business and technology are melting away, organizations of all sizes need a person who understands both. However; good CIO’s are expensive and hard to find. In comes the vCIO! A vCIO is a part time (virtual) CIO working  as an extension of your organization on a contract basis.

i already have an it department.

Sadly and traditionally, IT departments have been viewed as necessary evils. They were cost centers reporting to the finance department, focused on keeping the lights on and internal user support.

We have a deep respect for the complexity and struggles facing today’s IT departments. However; just having an IT department is not enough. Your investment in technology must drive your business value.  The problem is that many IT professionals make poor business executives. A vCIO does not replace your existing IT department. As a vCIO, we with your IT department, providing executive vision, talent assessments and process management.

it sounds expensive.


I agree, good CIO’s are hard to come by and are expensive. As a result, many businesses resort to either promoting a tenured IT professional or simply opt to do without. Check out our Playbooks to discover a customization and affordable solution for your organization.

How do I know which playbook is right for me?

Great question. Our Business Technology Playbooks are perfect for the small and medium enterprises with limited financial resources. If you cannot find a playbook that is right for you, do not worry. Each Playbook is designed to be customized for your business. Give us a shout. We will be more than glad to assist you in building a solution that fits your business perfectly.

What do you think about the cloud?

Wow! We get asked this question a dozen times a week. We have heard it all from “The cloud is evil, I will never move my data to the cloud”, “The cloud is a trend and will go away in a couple of years” to “I want to move everything to the cloud.”

By a long shot, the cloud is one of the biggest IT decisions facing your business. The problem is that not all cloud vendors are created equal. As your vCIO, we bring years of experience in cloud vendor selection and transition management. But before we choose a cloud vendor, there are strategic questions that must be considered. For example, what, if any, part of your business will benefit from moving to the cloud?

I already have an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Very true. It is our experience that a large majority of IT service providers do a great job of facilitating and supporting your IT challenges. We have no doubt their account managers have built a long lasting trust with you and your business. However; in the end, we have two key observations:

  1.  Most MSP’s have product and support packages to sell. It is also worth noting that many account managers are compensated on new revenue and recurring revenue. This means there is most likely a struggle to sell you something new and/or maintain the status quo.
  2. Most MSP’s programs are focused on maintaining your IT infrastructure. As we mentioned earlier, support and maintenance of your IT infrastructure is critical. However; a maintenance approach does not drive your business forward.

For the record, we love MSPs.  As your vCIO, we do not replace your current MSP. We sell no products. We have no hidden agendas or sales based motivational packages for our team members. We work for you helping you leverage all your IT service providers into a cohesive objective. For more information see Vendor Management and Sourcing.