IT Management Services in Lansing, Michigan

IT Management

IT management is more than just overseeing the technology processes and operations within a business. It's about enabling technology to support business growth and enhance user experience. IT management is a combination of technical aptitude, having a clear understanding of a business's goals, and the ability to plan accordingly. It is important for technology to support the needs our of client's businesses as they continue to grow. It is also important for technology to be used as a practical tool for productivity and enhance a user's work environment.  

IT Management Services:

Desktop and Laptop Management

We proactively monitor each device to ensure it is operating as it should be. We also perform all the updates, install patches and check for viruses or other threats regularly.

Server and Systems Management

We use non-intrusive monitoring software to track your system performances, even when your sleeping. Should there be an issue, we will be alerted and our team will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. You will also receive monthly reports of your system performances.

Mobile Device Management

BYOD (Bring your own device) can be a headache for some businesses. Our team will make sure that mobile devices are configured correctly, user access to data is secure and the correct parameters are in place.