Virtual CIO Services

Business Technology is a complex and forever changing endeavor. Not to mention, it is the lifeblood of your organization. If any or all parts of your technology fails, your organization comes to a grinding halt. The quality of your business technology plays a critical role in your organization’s success.

Introducing the vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer). Successful businesses understand their technology needs both leadership and management. While management is successfully and efficiently “getting there and getting things done,” leadership is knowing and defining “where there is and how to get there.”

So how does a vCIO work for your business?  Check out some of the following topics we tackle each and every day.

Business Technology Management & Strategic Planning

Not only do we help manage your business technology, but we make sure it aligns with your business goals and objectives. We will help you strategically plan for the future, looking at how technology can assist your growth plans.

Business Management & Development

Traditionally, IT departments are seen as a necessary evil. Projects often go longer than expected and spending is out of control. We will help create a technology budget, and also help you stay within your budget! We will help determine underlying costs and set priorities.

Vendor Management & Sourcing

No one likes the he-said-she-said game. Finger pointing between IT vendors has caused businesses countless hours of frustrating conversations, leading them to nowhere. We will be your point of contact for all your application, systems and cloud vendors. We will oversee projects, implementations and manage your vendor relationships.

Contract Management & Negotiations

It’s important to make sure you are receiving the services stated in your contracts. With over two decades of IT experience, we know what questions to ask your vendors and how to interpret the fine print.

Relationship Management

Your greatest value to your business is your people. It is our goal to help you make sure you have the right people, in the right position, doing the right tasks, at the right time. Through implementing talent assessments and creating employee retention plans, you’re bound to have everyone where they should be and doing it successfully!